Budget Like A Boss Course: $200.00

I know you’re frustrated with setting a budget and not sticking to it.
You’re confused on where to start.
You get anxiety just thinking about your money.
I know how you feel. I’ve been in your shoes.
I’ve spent hours building spreadsheets and creating budgets that didn’t work.
I felt like a failure.
I felt like money was consuming my thoughts and my life and that I would never have the relationship of ease that I so desired.
And then I dawned on me.
I’ve been going about it all wrong. There IS an easier way.
You CAN have flow and ease with your money.
Your budget is the conversation you have with your money every single day.
In this course you will learn how to start a brand new conversation with your money that will change your life.

What You Will Learn

You will learn to master you money mindset with your new money mantras

You will understand the law of 80/20 to create a budget you can finally stick to

You will finally get in tune with your money flow

You will have the tools to create automation for success and ease

Finally find a system to track, celebrate & adjust your money flow

What You Will Receive

You will receive lifetime access to all 5 modules so that you can work at your own pace and review the content as many times as you need. If you stumble along the way you can always revisit this information

You will also receive a workbook that will guide you through each module making it easier to stay on track and stay organized

You will have access to an amazing tribe to answer all of your questions and provide on going support as you learn to Budget Like A Boss.

“Just have to share with you that after being scared to take the budget like a boss course and seeing how out of whack things are I can’t thank you enough for the things I would learn. Since Friday have stayed out of target and Walmart…set up 3 free checking accounts with capital one(this is the max) and 2 savings accounts(vacation and oh shit accounts) divided my money groups into weeks week so I can arrange all bills by due dates. Set myself up in mint which is awesome. Now just figuring out where to say a few no’a and social gather at home to save. Thank you thank you thank you. Still a work in progress but pretty good start in just the weekend.” Kim C

“I finally got a chance to listen to all of the modules and it made me revisit many of the plans I already had in place and reallocate to some more fun places! I need to change some money mantras- being grateful for more items that I’ve normally viewed as necessity when in actuality it’s a privilege, and having better communication with my husband on a “joint” spending plan. Thanks!” Jenn D

“After listening to Module 5 last night, I went back to review all modules and wow, just WOW! Each piece of content brought something new to the table yet they all connected together! As I sat there listening I kept thinking “Yes! So guilty of this!” (For example walking into Target without a purpose and not realizing you’re just there because you don’t feel good about yourself) Eye opening. I also had thoughts like “Ahhh that’s such a good idea!” when hearing creative ideas such as having a fun account, or vacation account, and setting up your payments a certain way so your money easily flows which in return = feeling grateful and not stressed.

Everything just made sense.

I am always such a positive person and all about mindset but i felt i really needed to throw myself into this course because my experience with how i looked at money prior to “Budget Like A Boss” had me never wanting to even look at my bank account especially on pay day. I knew at one point in the day I would have to because of course i need to make sure i got paid and got paid correctly lol but i had never looked at money and my bank account as something enjoyable or even thought about getting creative with having different accounts and again like I mentioned, having my money flow differently.

I’m so thankful I was able to grab onto this course and even though it flew by, I retained so much that I won’t allow myself to go back to any negative mantras! Thank you thank you thank you I look forward to showing my progress even if it’s 6 months down the road!”

Danielle R

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