Hello beautiful! It’s so amazing to meet you. If you have not introduced yourself please do so, I’d love to know more about you! You can email me directly at info@hustleandwoowoo.com

My name is Melissa Martin. I am a transformational coach, author & speaker specializing in teaching women how to birth their new money mindset & discover their self worth.

What is Hustle & Woo Woo?

HUSTLE refers to that A-type personality we all possess somewhere deep inside. It’s that burning desire to be successful, to get shit done, to achieve, accomplish, win! It’s the part of you that wants to write out to-do lists and then check everything off, it’s the part of you that want to be in total control of e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, the part of you that loves to budget and track your spending, that loves to meal prep all of your food into perfect little containers and lay out your gym clothes every night for your perfectly structured workouts. It’s what some in the spiritual community might call ‘masculine energy’. It basically means you’re obsessed with achieving and you love spreadsheets.

WOO WOO refers to the more spiritual side that we all have somewhere deep inside. The desire to love ourselves unconditionally, to listen to our bodies and our soul’s inner wisdom, to know that we are worthy of all the love, money, abundance and success that our big giant beautiful perfect hearts desire. It’s the part of us that wants to breath deeper, and sit quietly with our thoughts, that wants to soften and listen more. It’s what some in the spiritual community might call ‘feminine energy’ It basically means you’re an emotional human being and you’re okay with feeling your feelings.

My desire is to show you how you can bring these two very different worlds and energies together so you can live in a more harmonious place. So you can feel worthy of achieving financial success-whatever that looks like for you. So that you can live debt-free and self doubt-free. So that you can love yourself, your body & your bank account. I want to give you the tools to rewrite your own money story and fall in LOVE with it. And I REAAALLLLYYYY want you to know that your net worth does not equal your self worth.

I am so honored to have you here with me!

With Love,


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